Scott Harlow is the founder of K44FIT. Inspired by SEALFIT, K44 is short for Kokoro 44. This 50 hour (no sleep) crucible was modeled after Navy SEAL Hell week. Originally designed for special operations candidates, Kokoro is open to anyone who is willing to step up to the challenge. Scott graduated from Kokoro 44 in July 2016 & Kokoro 51 in July 2018. Successfully completing both Kokoros required endurance, and an incredibly “Never Quit” attitude, this is one of Scott’s superpowers today; however, it wasn’t always that way.

Scott’s fitness journey back to health began in early 2015 while on vacation in Italy at 49 years old. He was an unhealthy 40 pounds overweight due to years of inactivity and poor health choices.  He then committed to taking back his health immediately and began with body weight workouts, which included light running on the streets of Rome.  Scott wanted to raise his standard to a completely new level and set his sights on completing Sealfit Kokoro in 2016.  Over the next year Scott experienced an incredible transformation and successfully completed two Kokoros.  

Scott's passion is passing on the lessons learned while completing these crucibles and his personal journey taken to attain his current fitness level.  Scott brings a secret weapon to every workout - mental toughness.  Scott will prove what is possible, he will talk the talk, but he also runs when others walk the walk.  If you want a unique workout, Scott’s van full of conventional and non-conventional equipment will guarantee you never get the same workout twice. Call right now to book your free transformation session, let Scott help you take your health back!


To positively impact the physical and mental growth of those who are ready to make a change. To inspire athletes of all abilities to exceed their perceived limits.