Each one-hour class includes a 5-10 minute warm up; 45-50 minutes of cardio, strength and skill work followed by a 5 minute cool down with stretches. The sessions are scaled by ability level (green pinnies for beginners, blue for intermediate, red for advanced). We welcome fitness rookies to exercise veterans!

The types of exercises include:

  • Body weight exercises such as push ups, sit ups, and squats

  • Competitive team games

  • Some running

  • Kettle bells

  • Sleds

  • Sandbags

  • Logs

  • Tires

  • Battle ropes

  • And more…..

We also host regular fitness testing. You may challenge your level at one of our Saturday skills classes. These are designed to assess abilities and track progress. 



For people that currently do little or no exercise or are returning to fitness training after a break (i.e. following an injury, illness or post natal). We work to the ability of the group.


For those that have graduated from a green pinnie, or those that have a reasonable standard of fitness prior to joining us. Intermediate classes are a great way to challenge your speed, strength, agility and stamina. Take your fitness to the next level.


​Not for the faint hearted. This is where we challenge the fittest participants to their max. Our coaches push them beyond their physical and mental limits


These are the fittest of the fit. First responders, Military personnel, Special Ops candidates, CrossFit athletes, Tough Mudders, Spartan Racers and the like. For those training for an event, Military selection, or just want a way to increase their mental and physical capacities. These separate sessions are 2 hours plus. 


K44FIT is all about having fun while getting fit. While joining a fitness group can seem daunting to some, from the moment that your instructor greets you at your free trial class, you’ll be made to feel part of the group. In no time at all you’ll be drawing strength and having fun with your class mates as you crawl under, jump over, and run around them.



  • Exercising outside helps reduce anxiety and depression

  • Outdoor group fitness burns more calories than the gym as your body is being constantly challenged in new ways

  • Not ‘going it alone’ can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

  • The group dynamic will have you truly trying your best, which means you'll get more out of the experience, and get fitter faster

  • You’ll celebrate your success with your instructor and class mates.



You don’t need special gear to train with K44FIT.  Running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt




Any appropriate workout attire. You’ll be warm within five minutes of starting the class, so please dress accordingly.

Some exercises involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get a little dirty - it's part of the fun! Unfortunately, we can't guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that you'll be sweating by the end of each session. We recommend having a warm top to put on after the session has finished. In the winter months we suggest wearing gloves and a hat. Classes run rain or shine.  


Please  bring a water bottle.